December 2014
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Drop on by! Open house December 6


We're proud of our new shop! As the photo above shows, we've made much progress since taking over this warehouse space. Lifts have been added, the floor leveled and epoxied, specialty rooms roughed in.

Want to see for yourself? We're hosting an open house for friends, clients, and any enthusiasts who just want to bench-race. Drop by, have a beer, share the vision! Deets:

When: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Where: New Flatout Motorsports headquarters, 30 Cape Road (Route 140), Mendon, MA

See you there!






Flatout Motorsports is relocating!

That's right, as if the holiday season and our annual southern Winter Series weren't enough to keep us busy, we're moving up the road to Mendon, Massachusetts.

And get this: In the process, we will triple our shop's size to 16,000+ square feet. (The photo above shows just one section of the new digs.) The reason, of course, is to improve service. In the new HQ we will have, in addition to plenty of storage for cars and parts:

- Dyno room.

- Fabrication room.

- Clean room for drivetrain assembly and other sensitive work.

- Four lifts.

- Alignment rack.

Stay tuned for more details and photos!






As summer gives way to autumn, we've been staying busy with builds, track weekends, and big plans that must for now, alas, remain under wraps.

Sept. 19 and 20 found us in Connecticut for a Lime Rock Drivers Club event. Two renters were hotshoes who spend most of their time racing Skip Barber open-wheel cars; we were honored to introduce them to fenders! Pat Daly and Leland Englebardt had a ball and took several podium finishes. Returning renter Jeff Stern also had an excellent weekend.

We headed to Watkins Glen Oct. 3-5 for one of the year's best events: Last Chance Weekend, which features an SCCA driving school and Regional racing and a Pro-IT and a 4-hour enduro. There was much great racing, but the headline is that Flatout client Amy Mills, who'd suffered a hard wreck just six months earlier at Road Atlanta, won the competitive STL race in her Miata! Amy was flying all weekend, as were Whit Gregg and company president Nick Leverone, who ran our number 91 Spec Miata and walked the field in Pro-IT. Mark Anthony rented for the school and a pair of races, and did great. So did Paul Schulman, who drove in the school. John Kuitwaard ran Regionals, then teamed with John Wechsler for the enduro - and they brought home a third-place finish! Just ahead were Gregg and Mills in second.

As if that weren't enough for one weekend, we also sent a crew to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, where Keith Knickerbocker and old chum Joe Stadelmann rented Miatas (Joe chose number 37, our ITS rental, which has been rented a lot this season as folks come to understand its potential).

Oct. 17-19 we visited New Jersey Motorsports Park's Thunder circuit, where Whit Gregg was speedy again in both the SM and STL classes. Leverone ran a couple of our cars for testing purposes, taking a second in SM and a win in STL. He passed number 37 to longtime client and hotshoe Eric Thompson, who proceeded to win everything in sight. (We're telling you, this car is fast!) Phil Danza double-dipped in Spec Miata and STL, and he too had an excellent weekend.

In addition to Leverone, crew hands Adam Desrosiers, Rob Newton, Seamus Erskine, Evan Consolazio, and Andrew Burke pitched in - thanks, gents!

Now we're prepping four cars for a 13-hour enduro at Virginia International Raceway; looking forward to swinging south for our winter series; and readying for that top-secret news we can't yet share!